We want art to be the main thing that brings this community together. When referring to the art, we mean the visual art pieces + the music available in our next drop. In our next project, only a few pieces will have music attached, and these particular pieces would be considered with the highest rarity. In the future, we want every art piece to be connected with a bit of music, and hopefully, A.I. generated. We would like our community to create the art pieces and could then influence in which direction the art is going. The collab would only be available for our early supporters and O.G.'s and would be called 24K CLUB. The individuals in the 24K CLUB would be entitled to influence the direction of the art and thus the future of the project itself. Every few months, only a few 24K CLUB spots would be available, which would bring only a handful of new people into the community. The club makes the community super exclusive and increases the worth both for resale and the project itself. Everyone can be a part of the 24K community, BUT only O.G.'s and Early Supporters will be part of the 24K CLUB. This is our future vision for our 3rd, 4th project. Thank you for being a part of this!! You guys are valuable to us, and we want this to be a journey for everyone, but not like a one-stop-shop. We know we are early in the NFT game, especially with the abstract art on the Solana Blockchain. We'll make sure to adapt to changes in the NFT environment and try our best to be relevant and not be afraid to try out new things!


WHY 24K SPECTRUM? 24K SPECTRUM is made by me, a 28 years old Music Producer and Marketer from Iceland. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Finance and have worked in that field for few years. One year ago I went full time into Music Production and has been working with artist all over the world fx. Los Angeles, Norway, Sweden, New York, and Paris. I got into A.I. technology a year ago and was fascinated by the possibilities of visual art. I felt like I wanted to express myself in a more visual way by combining visual art and music and that's where the NFT came in. I was fascinated by how the NTF community has changed the world and brought people together through art! I want to do the same with my team and now we are here, welcome to 24K SPECTRUM, this is just the beginning!